Saturday, May 21, 2011

Actions to handle and care the Watch

Our Watch is very special, this is because we spend money to have our desire watch.

If you are already the proud owner of a watch, here are a few tips to help you care for your watch:

  • Your watch is a beautiful fashion timepiece and is not considered waterproof.  Wearing your watch swimming, diving or showering could risk damage to the movement.

  • Do not stop your watch to conserve the battery.  Many people will pull out the stem of their watch to save battery life, and while a few months may be added to the battery life, the movement of the watch is damaged by settled oils and greases.  For the same reason it is good to replace the battery of your watch quickly after the battery dies.

  • Batteries should be replaced by a reputable jeweler or watch repair man, or, if possible, returned to our factory.  (Maybe we’ll give it a quick polish as well!)  Do not try to change your own battery.

  • Do not open your watch and expose the movement.  Even a small speck of dust or lint will ruin the movement.  If the movement is exposed by a cracked or broken crystal, return the watch to our factory to have it replaced.

  • Cleaning Instructions:
    All precious sterling silver will oxidize in time, therefore, less exposure to the environment will slow down this process.  When not wearing your watch, it is recommended that it be kept in the original suede leather pouch.  This soft leather pouch will reduce the tarnishing caused by exposure from sulfur in the air.  Should (when) your  watch need cleaning or polishing, we suggest using a jeweler’s polishing cloth.  Do not wash with water and detergent as this may damage the movement and create water spots on the silver case.


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